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The Benefits of Acupuncture...

With no needles,

No office visit,

Same stimulation of acupuncture points.


The perfect solution

For those that prefer to stay home

For those afraid of needles

For children

For those that live far from the office


Proven Technology

Infrared Light Therapy 


Light therapy, or LED therapy, uses LED lights in certain wavelengths (colors) to treat particular issues with the body.

Light in the infrared and red range of the spectrum penetrates deeply to reach muscles and nerves. As the cells absorb energy from the light, they become more active, and blood flow increases. These two actions support cellular regrowth and regeneration, reduce inflammation, and repair wounds or injuries.

Small Machine


Studies show it works

2.6. Acupuncture and other innovative stimulation methods (laser needles)

Besides manual needle acupuncture, laser needle acupuncture is a new optical method for stimulating different acupoints. The painless laser needles developed in 2002 [11] used continuously emitted or frequency-modulated laser light at wavelengths of 685 and 785 nm (red and infrared laser light). 

The first realization of teleacupuncture demonstrates that automated teletherapeutic procedures can be performed even over a long distance (7,650 km) under complex and critical circumstances. 

In summary, one can state that modernization of acupuncture using high-tech methods can open up new dimensions in acupuncture research. Blue laser light acupuncture with a wavelength of 405 nm may also represent a new approach to high-tech acupuncture research. The ability to heal illnesses and relieve pain with teleacupuncture is no longer a future vision. It has already become reality.

Gerhard Litscher,
Modernization of Traditional Acupuncture Using Multimodal Computer-based High-tech Methods—Recent Results of Blue Laser and Teleacupuncture From the Medical University of Graz,
Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies,
Volume 2, Issue 3, 2009, Pages 202-209, ISSN 2005-2901,

Big Results



Living with people that have high COVID risk, I was so excited to learn that there was a way to receive the benefits of acupuncture without having to go into the clinic.


Setting up the Telepuncture machine with Nicole was easy - she walked me through programming the device so it "reads" instructions she has entered into her computer. Then small wires are connected to the device - they look like phone charger wires, except that on one end is a pad that has a light pulsation. Following her guidance via a Zoom session, we were able to place these pads on the corresponding acupuncture points for treatment. I easily taped them in place with medical tape.


The results have been phenomenal! The stomach pain I had been experiencing for months got dramatically better after my first treatment! I love that this could be a portable way of receiving the benefits of acupuncture in the future, even while traveling!


I highly recommend Nicole's services and this wonderful new technology!

-Erin Williams

How to Begin

1. Call: 860-450-6512 to order the machine. 

  • Cost of machine: $395 +shipping

  • Cost of reusable 10 leads to put on the points: $75

2. Schedule your appointment time

Cost of visit: 

  • Initial visit established patient: $60

  • Follow up visit established patient: $30

  • Initial visit new patient: $175

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Visits are convenient, private, and secure, using HIPAA compliant software and video technology.
Chart notes can be made available for your primary care physician and other alternative providers for complete management of care.
Save time and money by getting directed care that brings results.
All prescribed herbs and supplements can be ordered from your home and delivered right to your doorstep.

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