Acupuncture is part of a larger scope of practice called TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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What does TCM include? 

  • Herbal prescription - chosen specifically for you and your current symptoms

  • Acupressure - easy to reach and find acupuncture points for healing benefits

  • Moxibustion - a heat treatment useful for immunity, energy, and digestion - also turns a breech baby

  • Ear seeds - continuous treatment using the ear, great for weight loss, stop smoking, stress and anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and pain

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Herbs You Can Trust

Do you know where your herbs come from?

Without assistance, you may be getting a formula that is not right for you. 

Many formulas contain fillers and chemicals.

Our formulas are wild-crafted organic or organically grown on pristine rural fields.

100% compliant with

FDA and EU

Herbal Prescription

Time-tested remedies for modern ailments.

  • Safe

  • Easy to use

  • Delivered to your door

  • Results without side effects

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Acupressure points

Useful for:


  • Headaches

  • Stress

  • Insomnia

  • Morning sickness

  • Motion sickness

  • Pain

  • TMJ


  • Digestion

  • Constipation

  • Immunity

  • Trouble breathing

  • Circulation

  • Hormone balancing

  • Sports injuries

Learn how to press the points yourself, for treatment anywhere, anytime.

Acupressure is the stimulation of acupuncture points without needles.



Moxibustion, or moxa, is the name given a heat treatment using an herb called mugwort, or Aì yè in Chinese medicine. There are many wonderful benefits to this ancient technique.


  • Aids with colds and flus, treatment and prevention

  • Increases energy

  • Boosts immunity

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Increases lymphatic flow

  • Decreases pain and tension

  • Helps with menstrual symptoms

  • Anti-nausea from cancer treatments or otherwise

  • Digestive symptoms

  • Weight loss

  • Asthma

  • Incontinence

  • Can turn a breech baby, sometimes in as little as 1-3 applications and avoid C-section

Schedule a consultation to learn the points appropriate for your condition and how to use moxa. It's safe and easy!


Auriculotherapy uses the ear and, like acupuncture, treats by pinpointing the root cause.

When an organ is in dysfunction or an area of the body has pain, this information is sent to the brain. This leads to visual and sensitivity changes in the ears.

By treating the ear we can directly influence the central nervous system.

Treatments are also shown to decrease hunger and cravings in the very same day.

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