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immunity * allergies * stubborn weight * digestion * anxiety

Scientifically proven effectiveness 

Since Feb 5, hospitals in Wuhan have received a total of 390,000 doses of Chinese herbal formula, and another 500,000 were given out in other cities of Hubei province.

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Strengthens the lungs, useful in both immune strengthening and recovery after bacterial or viral attack. Helpful in lung recovery after acute or for long-term issues.

Strengthens cancer patients with impaired immune systems due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment, as well as HIV/ AIDS patients with compromised immune function.

Also for: Chronic fatigue syndrome

              Makes cigarettes taste bad! 



Novel virus support formula

Modified from the formula used in Wu Han Province. 


Herbal attention resulted in fewer fatalities, patients leaving the hospital sooner than the control group and greater levels of oxygen in the blood and a higher lymphocyte count -- important indicators of the health of recovering patients.

Organic Wild-crafted:

Sheng Shi Gao     Chai Hu
Jin Yin Hua           Fu Ling

Shan Yao              Lian Xiao

Jing Jie                 Xing Ren

Gong Hua            She Gan

Huo Xiang            Zi Wan

Zhu Ling              Bai Zhu

Ze Xie                  Ba Xia

Gui Zhi                Shen Jiang

Huang Qin          Chen Pi

Zhi Shi                 Gan Cao

Huang Lian



Broad spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects which can reduce both the severity and duration of infection. 

Marked inhibitory effects on influenza, hepatitis and other viruses. Effectiveness against a wide range of toxic sores and lesions, including the herpes virus.




Used to boost energy, combating fatigue and weakness due to overwork, lack of sleep, mental and emotional stress or poor diet and digestive inefficiency.

Naturally enhances physical and mental stamina for those with demanding lifestyles. 

Strengthens the body's underlying energy production and immune function.



Aller Assist

Suffering with allergies?​

Use of drugs gives side effects and is harmful long term.

Patients report feeling relief after just days of using Aller Assist.​

Organic Wild-crafted:

Can Er Zi              Bai Zhi
Xin Yi Hua            Zi Su Ye

Jing Jie                 Ju Hua

Huo Xiang            Fang Feng

Huang Qin           Jin Yin Hua

Bo He                   Zhi Mu


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