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1. Tear packet

2. Stir into water

3. Enjoy

herbal medicine

"Being elderly, I am trying to cope with Covid-19. This product works well. It also helps a great deal with spring allergies."

immune support
menstrual herb

"I’ve noticed that it’s helped with my chronic bloating, which has been an added blessing. The flavor is delicious and I look forward to my morning dose!"

stop bloating

Need more sheep in your sleep?

  • Restless and irritable when you go to bed?

  • Too hot under the sheets?

  • Constantly shifting and moving through the night?

  • Jerking and twitching?

  • Waking-up with a racing mind that won’t be quiet?

  • Stressed out in the night?

  • Anxious and mentally foggy?

  • Staring at the ceiling and alarm clock, counting down the hours?

"After 4 days of using mental tranquility, I started sleeping better than I have in years. When I wake up at night, I fall back into a deep sleep effortlessly. This product has completely changed my sleep habits. Thank you!"

 - Janet F

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