With Telepuncture, you have options

In-office appointment

New Patient

Telehealth appointment

It is always nice to meet with patients in person. If for some reason that is not an option, we now have telehealth - live video health appointments that you can have right in your home, using your computer, tablet, or phone. 

You receive the same care and attention whether we meet in the office, or online.

Your extensive visit:

  • Comprehensive health history 

  • Nutritional evaluation

  • Toxic load assessment

  • Treatment

  • Personalized herbal formulas

  • Programs for weight loss and dietary needs

lifestyle change

New Patient Online Consult Extensive - 55 minutes

This is the best choice for most new patients, as we will have adequate time to discuss your health history and have a comprehensive consultation. You will have plenty of time to explain the health problems you would like addressed - and we will cover all of them! The visit includes the consultation and health history, description of acupuncture, nutritional evaluation, and treatment recommendations.


New Patient Online Consult Limited - 30 minutes

For new patients with a limited history, or one or two complaints. Your appointment includes a consultation and health history on your current symptoms and nutritional evaluation, if applicable. You will receive recommendations to begin addressing your issues right away. 


For in-office visits, please call: 860-450-6512

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The virtual version of The Pampered Porcupine Acupuncture, Inc. with office located in Scotland, CT.
For an in-office appointment, please visit: 
www.The PamperedPorcupine.com
or call: 860-450-6512.
We look forward to treating you, either through telepuncture online or in person in the office!
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