Pricing for Telepuncture - online visits

for in-office visits, please call: 860-450-6512

You choose the price - based on the amount of time you need.

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Additional services and follow-up appointments are in 15-minute increments, and can be combined if you are interested in more than one modality.

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New Patient Online Consult Extensive - 55 minutes

This is the best choice for most new patients, as we will have adequate time to discuss your health history and have a comprehensive consultation. You will have plenty of time to explain the health problems you would like addressed - and we will cover all of them! The visit includes the consultation and health history, description of acupuncture, nutritional evaluation, and treatment recommendations.


New Patient Online Consult Limited - 30 minutes

For new patients with a limited history, or one or two complaints. Your appointment includes a consultation and health history on your current symptoms and nutritional evaluation, if applicable. You will receive recommendations to begin addressing your issues right away. 


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  • Herbal prescription

  • Acupressure 

  • Moxibustion

  • Ear Seeds

Any of the above or combination of the above:

15 minutes at $45

30 minutes at $70

55 minutes at $130