When  would you like to meet the new you?


4-Phase Plan to a New You

1. Personal Treatment Plan 

2. Nutrition and Diet             

3. Detox and Cleanse 

4. Final Results: A New Incredible You!

Diet Plan

Phase by Phase

1. Personal Treatment Plan 

complete wellness evaluation

assessment of present state of health, physical and emotional

treatment of symptoms and underlying cause(s)

lab test analysis, if applicable

review of current supplements


herbal prescription

2. Nutrition and Diet

complete assessment of diet

review of food habits, preferences, and cravings

steps to clean up the diet

counseling on truly healthy foods

yummy snacks and substitutions

help with making changes, where to shop, etc.

3. Detox and Cleanse - Body and Home

Toxic load assessment

Detox body, mind, and home

Weight loss program (if necessary)

Help with unhealthy thoughts

Clean out the house - personal care and other products

Programs to address other issues (thyroid, adrenals, candida, etc.)

4. Final Results: A New Incredible You!

sustainable program

lasting rewards

Fun, informative
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